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We are making technology available as resource

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Our Mission

Setukrite is committed to make technology available as a resource for people in their everyday life. Technology is still a luxury in the world we are living in. Common people are still not able to leverage the extensive benefits of technology in their everyday tasks due to high price, less awareness or unease to access the right technology solutions. 

Setukrite's mission is to make technology available for everyone to elevate the level of human life. With the use of various tech branches like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing and so on, human life can gain momentum to evolve as a most advanced race of all times.


Setukrite is tying to bridging the gaps to make this possible by making technology as a part of people's life more seamlessly than ever.    


Our Purpose

Setukrite's mission helps us to create innovative technology solutions which are making people's life better. As per Setukrite's philosophy Nature, Life and Science should go hand in hand to make this planet a better place to live.


In pursuit of this thought process, at Setukrite we are creating realistic solutions as a  part of Product Development with the help of modern tech stack to create a sustainable environment. A hybrid environment where Life, Nature and Science can "work for each other" in a smoothly coupled model by sharing the load of each other.


At Setukrite we are trying to create an ecosystem which can help offsetting the load from the planet in rapidly increasing population and sharply declining resources from the earth.    


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